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Core JAVA Training in Noida & Core JAVA Training Institute in Noida

Java is the most demanding programming language in which core-java encompasses the java basics which truly play a key role in understanding the object-oriented nature of the programming language. In the long-list of the java training service providers, techavera is one of the best core-java training institutes at Noida which provides the best core-java training Noida with hundred percent recruitment assurances. The java training at the techavera provides the corporate training which helps in the transforming from the naïve students to the well-versed java professional and assists the candidates to secure the dream job at the desired companies’ including the HCL, sapient, Wipro, IBM, Tech Mahindra, or lots more.

Techavera’s Core-Java training center Noida was incorporated in the year of 2013 with a vision to avail a wide variety of training, development, and recruitment services in no time in the best possible manner. Since 2013, it is offering the widest range of IT or non-IT courses that is—more than 250 courses Noida. Java trainers with more than eleven years of experience in answering the instant queries or in managing the real-time core-java project to the greater extent. Being a corporate training partner, Techavera has a strong network with the technology vendors including the Red Hat, Salesforce, Cisco, Sapience, or lots more.

Techavera‘s core-java training helps the students to develop the skills related to the introduction to the class, object, object-oriented or object-based language, encapsulation, inheritance, exception handling, or much more. The trainees will be provided with a number of unlimited access of the java classes.

Techavera is the biggest burgeoning Core-Java training institute at Noida with the ultra-modern infrastructure and hi-end laboratory. Techavera’s Core-java course pay is also quite cost effective. The core-java course content has been designed as per corporate curriculum and syllabi. The trainee is exempted with a number of unlimited practical, theoretical or real-time project sessions.

To get the detailed, concrete, consistent, and practical information about the core-java course content, you need to pay attention at the course which is mentioned below.

Course Content and Syllabus for Core JAVA Training in Noida

  1. Basics of Java
    1. Java - What, Where and Why?
    2. History and Features of Java
    3. Internals of Java Program
    4. Difference between JDK, JRE, and JVM
    5. Internal Details of JVM
    6. Variable and Data Type
    7. Unicode System
    8. Naming Convention
  2. OOPS Concepts
    1. Advantage of OOPs
    2. Object and Class
    3. Method Overloading
    4. Constructor
    5. Static variable, method, and block
    6. This keyword
    7. Inheritance (IS-A)
    8. Aggregation and Composition(HAS-A)
    9. Method Overriding
    10. Covariant Return Type
    11. Super keyword
    12. Instance Initializer block
    13. Final keyword
    14. Runtime Polymorphism
    15. Static and Dynamic binding
    16. Abstract class and Interface
    17. Package and Access Modifiers
    18. Encapsulation
    19. Object class
    20. Object Cloning
    21. Java Array
    22. Call by Value and Call by Reference
    23. Creating API Document
  3. String Handling
    1. String: What and Why?
    2. Immutable String
    3. String Comparison
    4. String Concatenation
    5. Substring
    6. Methods of String class
    7. String Buffer class
    8. Creating Immutable class
    9. To String method
    10. String Tokenizer class
  4. Exception Handling
    1. Exception Handling: What and Why?
    2. Try and catch block
    3. Multiple catch block
    4. Nested try
    5. Finally block
    6. Throw keyword
    7. Exception Propagation
    8. Throws keyword
    9. Exception Handling with Method Overriding
    10. Custom Exception
  5. Nested Classes
    1. Nested Class: What and Why?
    2. Member Inner class
    3. Anonymous Inner class
    4. Local Inner class
    5. Static nested class
    6. Nested Interface
  6. Multithreading
    1. Multithreading: What and Why?
    2. Life Cycle of a Thread
    3. Creating Thread
    4. Thread Scheduler
    5. Sleeping a thread
    6. Joining a thread
    7. Thread Priority
    8. Daemon Thread
    9. Thread Pooling
    10. Thread Group
    11. Shutdown Hook
    12. Performing multiple tasks by multiple threads
    13. Garbage Collection
    14. Runnable class
  7. Synchronization
    1. Synchronization: What and Why?
    2. Synchronized method
    3. Synchronized block
    4. Static synchronization
    5. Deadlock
    6. Inter-thread Communication
    7. Interrupting Thread
  8. Input and output
    1. FileOutputStream & FileInputStream
    2. ByteArrayOutputStream
    3. SequenceInputStream
    4. BufferedOutputStream & BufferedInputStream
    5. FileWriter & FileReader
    6. CharArrayWriter
    7. Input from keyboard by InputStreamReader
    8. Input from keyboard by Console
    9. Input from keyboard by Scanner
    10. PrintStream class
    11. PrintWriter class
    12. Compressing and Uncompressing File
    13. Reading and Writing data simultaneously
    14. DataInputStream and DataOutputStream
    15. StreamTokenizer class
  9. Serialization
    1. Serialization & Deserialization
    2. Serialization with IS-A and Has-A
    3. Transient keyword
  10. Networking
    1. Socket Programming
    2. URL class
    3. Displaying data of a web page
    4. InetAddress class
    5. DatagramSocket and DatagramPacket
    6. Two-way communication
  11. AWT and EventHandling
    1. AWT Controls
    2. Event Handling by 3 ways
    3. Event classes and Listener Interfaces
    4. Adapter classes
    5. Creating Games and Applications
  12. Swing
    1. Basics of Swing
    2. JButton class
    3. JRadioButton class
    4. JTextArea class
    5. JComboBox class
    6. JTable class
    7. JColorChooser class
    8. JProgressBar class
    9. JSlider class
    10. Digital Watch
    11. Graphics in swing
    12. Displaying Image
    13. Edit Menu for Notepad
    14. Open Dialog Box
    15. Creating Notepad
    16. Creating Games and applications
  13. LayoutManagers
    1. BorderLayout
    2. GridLayout
    3. FlowLayout
    4. BoxLayout
    5. CardLayout
  14. Applet
    1. Life Cycle of Applet
    2. Graphics in Applet
    3. Displaying image in Applet
    4. Animation in Applet
    5. EventHandling in Applet
    6. JApplet class
    7. Painting in Applet
    8. Digital Clock in Applet
    9. Analog Clock in Applet
    10. Parameter in Applet
    11. Applet Communication
    12. Creating Games
  15. Reflection API
    1. Reflection API
    2. NewInstance() & Determining the class object
    3. javap tool
    4. Creating javap tool
    5. Creating applet viewer
    6. Accessing private method from outside the class
  16. Collection
    1. Collection Framework
    2. ArrayList class
    3. LinkedList class
    4. ListIterator interface
    5. HashSet class
    6. LinkedHashSet class
    7. TreeSet class
    8. PriorityQueue class
    9. ArrayDeque class
    10. Map interface
    11. HashMap class
    12. LinkedHashMap class
    13. TreeMap class
    14. Hashtable class
    15. Comparable and Comparator
    16. Properties class
  17. JDBC
    1. JDBC Drivers
    2. Steps to connect to the database
    3. Connectivity with Oracle
    4. Connectivity with MySQL
    5. Connectivity with Access without DSN
    6. DriverManager
    7. Connection interface
    8. Statement interface
    9. ResultSet interface
    10. PreparedStatement
    11. ResultSetMetaData
    12. DatabaseMetaData
    13. Storing image
    14. Retrieving image
    15. Storing file
    16. Retrieving file
    17. Stored procedures and functions
    18. Transaction Management
    19. Batch Processing
    20. JDBC New Features
    21. Mini Project
  18. Java New Features
    1. Assertion
    2. For-each loop
    3. Varargs
    4. Static Import
    5. Autoboxing and Unboxing
    6. Enum Type
    7. Annotation


  1. Core-Java Training Noida is especially aimed to aid the trainees so as to provide the best Core-Java Training Noida in no time in the comprehensive, concrete, and interactive manner.
  2. The Core-Java training in Noida is exclusively designed to beat the current IT market.
  3. The Core-Java trainers are well-equipped with the technical skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  4. Techavera’s Core-Java Training Institute in Noida offers the excellent services ranging from the IT training to development to the placement services.
  5. The trainee would have the simplistic training modules so as to comprehend the concept in an effective manner.
  6. Facilitator of the Core-Java Training Institute Noida always tries to provide all kinds of technical requirements which need to be availed in order to fulfill all the real-time essentials
  7. Highly conducive-cum-charging environment one can have in the ambience of the TECHAVERA.
  8. The working professionals or corporate clientele can put up their queries to our corporate faculty.
  9. 24x7 lab facilities, the trainees are completely free to access the lab illimitably.
  10. The smart Core-Java classes at Noida are excitingly equipped with the digital pads, Wi-Fi connectivity, live racks, and projectors. The Core-Java classes at Noida are customizable as per candidate’s desired timing.
  11. The smart labs are equipped with the hi-fi equipments, and high-end tools.
  12. The trainees can opt for the major, minor, or online live projects as per their convenience and ease.
  13. The Core-Java Courses are an efficacious source of learning as these contain the well-defined number of course modules which are specially designed with the help of communicative, pictorial charts, graphs, and diagrams. The Core-Java Courses’ content is combined, merged with the leading industry vendors.
  14. A greater source of assistance in today’s cognitive era.
  15. An ease of accessibility as the fastest the metro station conveyance is all-available in front of the techavera institute.
  16. The training fee affordability.
  17. Core-Java Training Noida, at techavera, is the most suitable spot to visit as the metro station is right in front of the techavera institute. For those who are living at the distant place will find the Core-Java training Noida as the most suitable spot.
  18. Manageability as every single department such as HR, accounting, lab, training classes, management or lots more is anonymously systematized.
  19. The trainees can have the silent/discussion zone as per their desire and ease.
  20. Extra time slots (E.T.S) for practicals are absolutely free.
  21. There are a number of payment options that one can go for—cash, credit, cheque, debit card, and net banking.


  1. The trainers, at Techavera’s CORE-JAVA training institute in Noida, have the long-served and hands-on experience in the technical field.
  2. Get the expert consultation at your finger tips.
  3. The trainers are highly certified, qualified, and proficient experts who have 8+ experiences in the technical domain.
  4. Get the smart consultation within a least possible time frame.
  5. The trainers have worked in the well-known companies like IBM, HCL, Birla, sapient, Agilent technology, TCS.
  6. They are quite connectible with the hiring HRs of the multinational companies.


  1. Techavera is the Best CORE-JAVA Training Center at Noida, and is providing a wide array of placement services in different part of the world in the shortest possible time.
  2. Techavera assists the jobseekers to improvise/update their resume just to meet the current standard of the market in the best possible manner.
  3. Placement trainers conduct the PDS (personality development sessions) to the jobseekers so as to get the desired job shortly.
  4. Techavera has been dedicatedly placing its students in the reputed IT-firms like TCS, HCL, IBM, sapient, or Birla.


Core JAVA Training in Noida Reviews

Core JAVA Training in Noida
Reviewed by
Rohit thakur
Hello I am Rohit thakur few day ago I joined the Techavera solution Noida training center at Techavera I am learning for Core-JAVA I feel that Techavera is best place for my course as Techavera has truly subject expert trainers who make me understand every concept

5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

Core JAVA Training in Noida
Reviewed by
Sobhit chouhan
My name is sobhit chouhan I have completed my Core-JAVA training at Techavera Noida I found that Techavera is the best place for Core-JAVA Training they have achieve the good placement record because of their dedicated service

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good

Core JAVA Training in Noida
Reviewed by
Ankur Kumar
Hi is this Ankur Kumar I have also joined the Techavera solution for Core-JAVA training. Techavera is really best place for IT course Training student can have excellent knowledge from here

4.5/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good

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