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Project management Training in Noida & Project management Training Institute in Noida

The Project management is one of the most searching trainings. Getting to implement the project-management concepts, knowledge, or expertise is itself as knottier as understanding the project-management as the whole. Therefore, the aspirants will have to pursue the professional training provided by the ISO Certified coaching center like Techavera. In the lengthy wish-list, the Techavera is one of the best project-management training institutes in Noida which officially renders the best project-management training in Noida which is thoroughly centered on the on-going corporate trends, patterns, or standards.

At the ISO 9001:2008 Certified project-management training center in Noida, the trainees frequently come with an aim to rendering the in-service project-management training, development, and placement services in no time in the qualitative manner. The project-management consultants with more than four year of experience are excellent enough in handling the live project in the compelling, comprehensive, and qualitative manner.

The Techavera’s placement team places the project-management trainees with the help of the robust networks we already have with the placement partners. The corporate faculty will render the pursuant the project-management Course, modules, and real-time stimulations. Best part about this course content is that it is combinational with the corporate curriculum and syllabi of the leading vendors such as Red Hat, HCL, SAP, Cisco, Salesforce, EXin, BCS, or much more. After the completion of the course, the aspirants can get the certificate from the institute in the shortest possible time frame. Apparently, our collaboration with a number of long-served partners has delivered well-versed, well-developed, and well-equipped trainees to the well-reputed MNC’s such as IBM, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, Infosys, InfoTech, Accenture, Tesla, Microsoft, or much more.

The Techavera is the finest burgeoning Project-Management training institute in Noida with hi-tech infrastructure and well-facilitated project-management laboratory. The needful information about the Project-Management laboratory is that it is well-equipped with a number of relevant, reliable, required, and ready-to-use tools, equipment. To get the in-depth, apprehensive, knowledge about the Project-Management course content, the readers need to give attention at the text which is given below.

Course Content and Syllabus for Project management Training in Noida

Introduction to PMP certification Prep Course

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is PMP and PMI
  4. Pre-requisite for PMP Exam
  5. About the PMP Exam
  6. PMP Exam Syllabus
  7. About Simplilearn PMP Preparation Tutorial

Project-Management Framework

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. Definition of a Project
  4. What is Project-Management
  5. What is Program Management
  6. What is Portfolio Management
  7. Project-Management Office (PMO)
  8. The Triple Constraints
  9. Stakeholder Management
  10. Organization Structure
  11. Project Life Cycle vs. Product Life Cycle

Project-Management Process

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. Project Life Cycle vs Project-Management Process
  4. The Five Project-Management Process Groups
  5. Process Groups, Knowledge Areas and Project-Management process Mapping
  6. What happens in Each Process Groups

Project Integration Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is Project Integration Management
  4. The Key role of Project Manager, Project Team and Project Sponsor
  5. Project Selection Methods
  6. The Integration Management Knowledge Area
  7. Develop Project Charter
  8. Develop Project-Management Plan
  9. Direct and Manage Project Execution
  10. Monitor & Control Project work
  11. Perform Integrated Change Control
  12. Close Project or Phase

Project Scope Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is Project Scope Management
  4. Product Scope vs. Project Scope
  5. The Key terms in Project Scope Management
  6. The Project Scope Management Processes
  7. Collect Requirements
  8. Define Scope
  9. Create WBS
  10. Verify Scope
  11. Control Scope

Project Time Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is Project Time Management
  4. What is Project Schedule
  5. The Key terms in Project Time Management
  6. The Project Time Management Processes
  7. Define Activities
  8. Sequence Activities
  9. Estimate Activity Resources
  10. Estimate Activity Durations
  11. Develop Schedule
  12. Control Schedule
  13. Schedule Network Analysis Techniques

Project Cost Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is Project Cost Management
  4. Difference Between Cost Estimating and Cost Budgeting
  5. Control Account
  6. The Project Cost Management Processes
  7. Estimate Costs
  8. Determine Budget
  9. Control Costs
  10. Earned Value Management
  11. Project Selection Methods

Project Quality Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is Quality Management?
  4. Cost of Quality
  5. The Project Quality Management Processes
  6. Plan Quality
  7. Perform Quality Assurance
  8. Perform Quality Control
  9. Seven Basic tools of Quality
  10. Introduction to Six Sigma

Project Human Resource Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is Human Resource Management
  4. Roles and Responsibilities of the Project Sponsor
  5. Functional Manager vs. Project Manager
  6. The Project Human Resource Management Processes
  7. Develop Human Resource Plan
  8. Acquire Project Team
  9. Develop Project Team
  10. Manage Project Team
  11. Conflict Management
  12. Powers of Project Manager
  13. Motivation Theory

Project Communication Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is Communication
  4. Communication Methods, Technology and Channels
  5. Basic Communication Model
  6. The Communication Management Knowledge Area
  7. Identify Stakeholders
  8. Plan Communications
  9. Distribute Information
  10. Manage Stakeholder Expectations
  11. Report Performance

Project Risk Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is Risk
  4. How is risk calculated
  5. Risk Categorization
  6. Decision Tree
  7. Risk Reserve
  8. The Risk Management Knowledge Area
  9. Plan Risk Management
  10. Identify Risk
  11. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  12. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  13. Plan Risk Responses

Project Procurement Management

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. What is a Contract
  4. Centralized vs. Decentralized contracting
  5. Different Types of Contract
  6. Key terms in Procurement Management
  7. The Procurement Management Knowledge Area
  8. Plan Procurements
  9. Conduct Procurements
  10. Administer Procurements
  11. Close Procurements

Professional and Social Responsibility

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda
  3. Ensure Individual Integrity
  4. Contribute to Project-Management Knowledge Base
  5. Enhance self Professional competence
  6. Promote Stakeholder collaboration


  1. Project-management Training in Noida is especially aimed to aid the trainees so as to provide the best Project-management Training in Noida in no time in the comprehensive, concrete, and interactive manner.
  2. The Project-Management training in Noida is exclusively designed to beat the current IT market.
  3. The Project-management trainers are well-equipped with the technical skills, knowledge, and expertise.
  4. Techavera’s Project-management Training Institute in Noida offers the excellent services ranging from the IT training to development to the placement services.
  5. The trainee would have the simplistic training modules so as to comprehend the concept in an effective manner.
  6. Facilitator of the Project-management Training Institute in Noida always tries to provide all kinds of technical requirements which need to be availed in order to fulfill all the real-time essentials
  7. Highly conducive-cum-charging environment one can have in the ambience of the TECHAVERA.
  8. The working professionals or corporate clientele can put up their queries to our corporate faculty.
  9. 24x7 lab facilities, the trainees are completely free to access the lab illimitably.
  10. The smart Project-management classes in Noida are excitingly equipped with the digital pads, Wi-Fi connectivity, live racks, and projectors. The Project-management classes in Noida are customizable as per candidate’s desired timing.
  11. The smart labs are equipped with the hi-fi equipments, and high-end tools.
  12. The trainees can opt for the major, minor, or online live projects as per their convenience and ease.
  13. The Project-management Courses are an efficacious source of learning as these contain the well-defined number of course modules which are specially designed with the help of communicative, pictorial charts, graphs, and diagrams. The Project-management Courses’ content is combined, merged with the leading industry vendors.
  14. A greater source of assistance in today’s cognitive era.
  15. An ease of accessibility as the fastest the metro station conveyance is all-available in front of the techavera institute.
  16. The training fee affordability.
  17. Project-management Training Noida, at techavera, is the most suitable spot to visit as the metro station is right in front of the techavera institute. For those who are living at the distant place will find the Project-management training Noida as the most suitable spot.
  18. Manageability as every single department such as HR, accounting, lab, training classes, management or lots more is anonymously systematized.
  19. The trainees can have the silent/discussion zone as per their desire and ease.
  20. Extra time slots (E.T.S) for practicals are absolutely free.
  21. There are a number of payment options that one can go for—cash, credit, cheque, debit card, and net banking.


  1. The trainers, at Techavera’s Project-management training institute in Noida, have the long-served and hands-on experience in the technical field.
  2. Get the expert consultation at your finger tips.
  3. The trainers are highly certified, qualified, and proficient experts who have 8+ experiences in the technical domain.
  4. Get the smart consultation within a least possible time frame.
  5. The trainers have worked in the well-known companies like IBM, HCL, Birla, sapient, Agilent technology, TCS.
  6. They are quite connectible with the hiring HRs of the multinational companies.


  1. Techavera is the Best Project-management Training Center in Noida, and is providing a wide array of placement services in different part of the world in the shortest possible time.
  2. Techavera assists the jobseekers to improvise/update their resume just to meet the current standard of the market in the best possible manner.
  3. Placement trainers conduct the PDS (personality development sessions) to the jobseekers so as to get the desired job shortly.
  4. Techavera has been dedicatedly placing its students in the reputed IT-firms like TCS, HCL, IBM, sapient, or Birla.


Project management education Noida Reviews

Project management education
Reviewed by
Ankit Parihar
THIS is Ankit Parihar from Noida I completed my Project-management training course at Techavera Noida I wanna say to Techavera training staff enabled me get job , great place for study

5/5 5 Star Rating: Excellent

Project management education
Reviewed by
This Rohan from Noida i joined Techavera of Noida to pursue my Project-management training course the way their teaching is good and made me to understand each and every concept.

4.9/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good

Project management education
Reviewed by
Hi I am Suman I have completed my Project-management training course from Techavera and got the in Good job I would like to say thank you to Techavera training and placement team for their great help ,here is a great environment to learn something,

4.5/5 4 Star Rating: Very Good

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